• Title
    Deep Feed 001
  • Artist
    Deep N Beeper / Paranoid Angel
  • Label
    Ambiel Music
  • Genre
    Dubstep / 140
  • Year

Deep Feed 001 is the first in Deep N Beeper's series of EPs, which he considers exemplify his production at any given moment over the years of development and evolution.

It starts with five dubstep tunes which Deep N Beeper prefers to refer to as 140. 140 being the general wider umbrella term for that kind of music, referring to the approximate bpm of the genre. The tunes vary from deep and minimal to slightly more hard hitting, but all are laced with his signature synth, FX, instrument, sampling and drum programming styles. Enjoy a trip through 140 that strays slightly from the norm, but in a very interesting way.

Beeping Deeply Podcast Episode 1 (Teaser)