• Title
    Deep Feed 004
  • Artist
    Deep N Beeper / Jif / Zac Z / AMA / Onepacman / The 5D-Droid
  • Label
    Ambiel Music
  • Genre
    Downtempo / Minimal / Techno / Bassmusic
  • Year

Deep Feed 004 is possibly Deep N Beeper's own favourite of the series so far. It progresses from downtempo to more hectic and cerebral. The track Entangled We Float (also featuring Jif and Zac Z) is one of the most chilled and perfect tunes they ever produced. The name makes sense as you can float on the layers of sound and instruments in this track.

The final 3 tracks are more upbeat and span from Nautilus, that sounds like a bass-music 4/4 hybrid, to An ACIDoctor's Prescription that growls and trips one out like slow deep psytrance. Another EP that defies convention genres.

Beeping Deeply Podcast Episode 1 (Teaser)