• Title
    Zebra Crossing EP
  • Artist
    Deep N Beeper
  • Label
    Ambiel Music
  • Genre
  • Year

Zebra Crossing is the debut single from South London based digital artist and music producer, Deep N Beeper.

Deep N Beeper aka 5DN stands for Five Dimensional Nick. He goes by Nick in the 3D world and grew up in the countryside of southern England. From a young age he had a taste for the visual, doing many drawings and art works.

He also fell deeply in love with music, especially the electronic, and spent 10 years after school dj’ing and producing electronic music, ranging from slightly accessible dance music to incredibly dark, esoteric, twisted soundscapes. His love of computers helped in this area of work but recently he has changed his passion to the visual.

A student of the underground rave scene his work is futuristic and abstract most of the time, and is never two dimensional, hence the moniker!

Zebra Crossing is 5Dn’s debut on Ambiel and we can’t wait to drop the forthcoming releases, we have 3 small EP’s scheduled featuring a more varied style, showcasing the diversity of his production yet further.

Expect more intelligent programmed beats, noises and moods taking you on a journey through similar styled, early broken-beat DnB from the 90s, with a nod to Photek and his contemporary style of beat manipulation.

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