Deep N Beeper is 5D and technology, the technology having the moniker Beeper, from the "beeping" sounds synthesizers can produce.

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Introducing ‘The A In The Eye’ Remix bundle featuring A.I.Ohm. Remixes from NJC / Deep N Beeper / Otherself and Nick 235. Available now exclusively from Spotify and Juno Download. The single is taken from the debut album ‘Escaping The Arcade’ by the arcade escapee ‘Onepacman’ – Available worldwide 11/03/2022

Onepacman has collaborated with the illustrator Natty Art UK to create a remarkable, cinematic animated video for its next single ‘The A In The Eye’. Almost entirely hand-drawn, the laboriously crafted comic strip sci-fi mini epic feels like a skilfully crafted yet DIY take on a mix of ‘Akira’, classic ‘2000 AD’ and the surrealist edge of Mark Gonzalez. There’s also a remix package for the single on the way, plus the promise of a book concept that Onepacman is currently developing.