Ambient Code In Dream:32

ACID32 is the first ALL chilled album from Deep N Beeper. The man and his machines have FINALLY managed to calm down after his electronic music inception over 20 years ago, but his man-hours behind the synths can still be heard in this epic audio package.

Taking inspiration from such masterpieces as Aphex Twin's "Selected Ambient Works 85-92", Boards Of Canada's "Music Has The Right To Children" and Autechre's "Amber", the feel of the old Warp Record's vibes from the turn of the millennium can be heard in each track. There still is evolution in it though, mixed with his own flair and ultramodern influences.

It travels from pure ambience to floaty electronica, from glitchy trip-hop to straight illbient drone and will definitely take you on a journey!

There is a feel of technological fusion with organic style, and a transient structure to it all. The electronic vibes and synths are perfectly combined with instrumental vibes and ethereal but touching vocals, and sounds of instruments from various collaborators.

Half the tracks are remixes of his older music and some others', so any track with EDIT at the end of the name has a progenitor so make sure to check them out too.

Sit back, tune in, overclock your mind and ride the higher dimensional waves.

The ocean is deep and endless.



Beeping Deeply Podcast Episode 1 (Teaser)